Geoffrey Kidger

Co-Founder of The Celtics Journal. For the past number of years he has been assisting in operations and performance analytics for one of the nation’s top athletic programs while also being employed as a contributing writer covering all things Boston Celtics. He aims to use his experience to give readers genuine top tier content and to turn The Celtics Journal into the leading Boston Celtics news website.

Marcus Grant

Co-Founder of The Celtics Journal and long-time Celtics fan with extensive experience in digital sports journalism. He has written for a few of the top Celtics websites and hopes to help the Celtics Journal reach that level. 

Adam Kemp

Co-Founder of The Celtics Journal and Senior Writer. With a passion for the Boston Celtics, he strives to keep fans up to date with all news surrounding the team. Using his experience with social media, he hopes to boost The Celtics Journal’s reputation.

Jack Simone

Aspiring NBA journalist and founder of the Banner Town, USA. Currently co-hosts the “From the Rafters” podcast and is also a full-time student in his senior year of college. He hopes to gain experience from all of his NBA media ventures and one day turn it into full-time employment.

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