Three moves the Celtics MUST make this offseason

The Boston Celtics are surely missing first-time All-Star, Jaylen Brown as he recovers from surgery on his left wrist. Jayson Tatum stepped up as the sole leader of the team, scoring 50 points to lead the Celtics to the first round of the playoffs, and then again in Game 3 against the Brooklyn Nets.

The team predictably has no answer for the Brooklyn Nets. Even with Brown healthy, Boston hasn’t looked like themselves on either sides of the ball since the 2020 NBA Bubble. Is it time to make some moves? We’ve got some ideas…


Move #1: Kemba Walker

No, it’s not what it looks like… We aren’t suggesting that the Celtics should trade Kemba Walker. We are, however, suggesting that Brad Stevens explores the idea of Kemba coming off the bench as a sixth man. Whether or not the Celtics resign Evan Fournier, our bench unit needs help and maybe the answer to our problem is already on the roster.

Move #2: Evan Fournier

Resigning Evan Fournier at a discounted rate should be the Celtics top priority this offseason, and with the way he’s began his tenure in Boston. The Celtics never played more than a game with their top-seven players in the 2021 NBA season so I don’t really think many external moves need to take place.

Move #3: Bench Depth

Improving the Celtics bench production is crucial to the team going anywhere next season. Tristan Thompson or Robert Williams is great to have in the second unit while Payton Pritchard and Aaron Nesmith proved to be solid pieces in their first seasons in the league. Grant Williams, Romeo Langford, and Jabari Parker all had their moments but it may be in the teams best interest to package up one or two of these guys with a draft pick and acquiring a player who is a win now bench piece.

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