The Chicago Bulls reportedly have an interest in Boston Celtics point guard, Kemba Walker.

According to Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer, the Chicago Bulls reportedly kicked the tires on a Kemba Walker trade. Let me start by saying that I personally hate the idea of trading Kemba because there aren’t many who do come here in free agency. There really is no need to gut the team and make moves just to satisfy the casual fans. However, with the NBA Draft just a few hours away, here are a few scenarios where the Celtics could trade Kemba Walker to the Chicago Bulls.

Celtics move up in the draft

In this scenario, the Bulls would add a star point guard in Kemba by parting ways with Wendell Carter Jr. and the fourth overall pick in this year’s draft. For the Celtics, they can add a big man with serious potential and draft a guard like Killian Hayes or Lamelo Ball. I’d still say NO to this deal if I were the Celtics, mainly because this would create a log jam at the center position with guys like Grant and Robert Williams, Daniel Theis, Vincent Poirier, and Enes Kanter on the roster. I don’t think that the fourth pick is enough for Kemba either, throwing in a player like Coby White could get the deal done, however.

Celtics land James Harden

In this mega-blockbuster deal, the Celtics get the prize of James Harden without giving up Marcus Smart and/or Jaylen Brown. They actually use other teams’ players bundled with a plethora of picks to get the deal done. This is about the only way you could get me to agree to a Harden trade. The Bulls give up the fourth pick and Zach Lavine for Walker who is certainly an upgrade. The Hornets give up Terry Rozier, Miles Bridges, and the third pick for Russell Westbrook (an MJ favorite) as well as the fourteenth pick in the draft (CHA owner favorite).


I hope the Celtics keep their core of Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Kemba Walker together, and yes that includes Gordon Hayward. Like I said before, there is no need to trade Kemba Walker, especially after just ONE SEASON. Unless it’s for a top-five player like James Harden… Kemba is NOT getting traded to the Chicago Bulls.

When the NBA season begins, Kemba Walker will have had enough time to heal his knee, Hayward will be fully recovered from all of his injuries and all of Celtics twitter will realize how good this team really is.


Adam Kemp

TheCelticsJournal - Senior Writer


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