Gordon Hayward has a player option worth $34.19 million for the 2020-21 NBA season that he reportedly wants to opt-out, and get a deal in free agency. If he can’t get a deal elsewhere, Hayward may look to re-sign with the team but ultimately be moved in a trade. If you’re unsure about Hayward’s options this offseason, you can check them out, here. But after weeks of speculation, it seems that Gordon Hayward wants OUT of Boston via Free Agency or Trade.

We need to take these types of statements with a grain of salt. Ryen Russillo has recently stated that Devin Booker wants out of Phoenix as well as Gordon Hayward in Boston.

These statements were featured on The Ringer’s Bill Simmons Podcast, so this may just be a string of bait that holds a little bit of truth. I’ve written about this in the past, if Hayward does decide to opt-out and leave Boston, things get tricky as the Celtics will not magically receive $34 million of cap space to sign free agents. At this moment, let’s approach the offseason as if Gordon Hayward wants OUT of Boston via free agency or trade. The need is to start thinking about replacements for the playmaking he brings to the Celtics.

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Adam Kemp

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