There’s so much speculation surrounding what Gordon Hayward can do this offseason. Celtics fans want to trade Gordon Hayward and get a liability, in Andre Drummond. But it’s unlikely that we find out Gordon Hayward’s plan before November 18ths NBA Draft, but at least now we have a rumor to work with. In a tweet from NBA Insider, Ian Begley:

“Some within the Pacers organization continue to have interest in trading for Celtics’ Gordon Hayward” Per SNY sources.

If the Pacers are interested in trading for Gordon Hayward, this is what it could look like.

What could a Gordon Hayward Trade Look Like?

Trade #1: Celtics add a big man and bench depth

Indiana Pacers interested in trading for Gordon Hayward?

Simulated with, Gordon Hayward is moved to Indiana in a deal that finally gives Boston a big-man. Losing the playmaking of Hayward is a tough one, but the return of a shooter like Doug McDermott to come off the bench, along with a young stud in Aaron Holiday softens the blow.


Trade #2: Celtics take on Oladipo and Turner

Indiana Pacers interested in trading for Gordon Hayward?

In this scenario, Boston is rewarded with a first-round pick for taking on Victor Oladipo’s expiring contract, under the assumption he leaves in free agency. Boston would also acquire Myles Turner, who is currently making $17.5 million for the next three seasons. Trading for Hayward is a bold move for Indiana as he is also on an expiring deal, but clearing up the log jam at the center position while adding bench depth in Kanter is a good move. The Pacers get a young guard in Romeo Langford who they can play right away or develop behind Malcolm Brogdon and Gordon Hayward.

Trade Scenario #3: Three-team Blockbuster

Indiana Pacers interested in trading for Gordon Hayward?

In the final trade, a blockbuster deal sends Hayward to the Pacers, Victor Oladipo to Atlanta to complete the starting five of:

Trae Young, Victor Oladipo, Deandre Hunter, John Collins, and Clint Capela. That’s pretty solid.

This deal is intriguing because Atlanta actually has the cap space and reason to do it. The Pacers get Cam Reddish as insurance for if Gordon Hayward leaves, along with a first-round pick from Atlanta for Oladipo. The Celtics still acquire Turner, but this time they also add a second-round draft pick along with Brandon Goodwin in return for Enes Kanter. By trading Kanter and Poirier, it frees up a roster spot for a potential MLE player to sign or wait for the buyout market to open up once the season begins.


I still don’t see Boston moving Gordon Hayward, at least not until the season starts and there is a legitimate reason to do so. I’m not against any of these trade scenarios, however, as I think it gives Boston the chance to compete for a championship with a different piece in place.

Adam Kemp

TheCelticsJournal - Senior Writer


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