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2020 NBA Offseason | Two blockbuster trades for the Celtics to make

Two blockbuster trades for the Celtics to make

Let me start by saying that the Celtics are NOT in need of a roster shakeup this offseason. Coming off what was a disappointing exit in the Eastern Conference Finals, missing a healthy Gordon Hayward (again), and still pushing Miami to six games is not a sign to make a huge trade. However, If they do decide to make a big move in the 2020 NBA offseason, here are two blockbuster trades for the Boston Celtics.

Seeing stars in Boston

Celtics receive: Bradley Beal

Wizards receive: Gordon Hayward, Romeo Langford, Vincent Poirier & three future first-round picks

In the first of two blockbuster trades for the Celtics, they move three players ($40.4 million) with two of them being expiring contracts (Hayward & Poirier), in return for one player in Bradley Beal who is set to make $28.7 million over the next three years.

Making this type of move would not only reunite Beal and Tatum but bolster the volume of scoring. Beal was the first player since 1985 to average over 28 ppg and not be named an All-Star. Giving up potential star, Romeo Langford hurts but this allows Boston to contend with the LA teams for at least the next two seasons.

Holy Backcourt

Celtics receive: Jrue Holiday, 2021 first-round pick (Lakers)

Pelicans receive: Kemba Walker, Semi Ojeleye

In this second blockbuster trade for the Celtics, I already know what you’re thinking. “How could you trade Kemba after he signed with us in free agency?” Yes, but this trade actually makes sense for both parties.

If you’re the Pelicans, this deal gives Zion a scoring guard to open up the lane for him to dominate. If they choose to resign Brandon Ingram, the trio of Kemba, Ingram, and Zion could be lethal as the Pelicans are one step away from becoming a force in the Western Conference.

If you’re the Celtics, you make this trade to relieve the stress behind hiding Kemba on defense because Jrue Holiday is arguably the best defender in the league. Pair him with Marcus Smart, and HOLY BACKCOURT. A starting five of Jrue, Smart, Brown, Tatum & Theis would be an offensive nightmare for teams that shoot a lot of threes, which is now the entire league.


As previously stated, the Celtics really don’t need to make either of these two blockbuster trades in order to contend next season. With Gordon Hayward most likely opting-into the final year of his contract and Jayson Tatum coming up on his extension, I expect the Celtics to hold off on making any big changes to the roster. The NBA Draft is coming up on November 18th and if the Celtics want to continue building towards the future, I suggest they start there.


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