The Celtics’ Sweep of the Sixers Finally puts the Kyrie era behind them

Celtics sweep of the sixers

The Celtics’ sweep of the Sixers may be the perfect way to finally put the 2018-19 disaster to bed.

The Sixers had an offseason that included poaching Al Horford from the Boston Celtics and acquiring Josh Richardson from the Miami Heat.

While Philly was busy dancing on the graves of the Boston Celtics, their expectations kept growing for the upcoming season – Championship or bust, historic defense, and the majority of the national media had already crowned them NBA Champions (or at least Eastern Conference Champions) before the season even began.

But the bigger they are the harder they fall.

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With the abundance of talent on the roster, it was hard to imagine them simply being outplayed on any given night.

If things were to go south it would have to be from the inside out.

And that is precisely what happened. First, they didn’t get off to the historically good start they were expected to, then they pinpointed who to blame, then last but certainly not least, they were crushed by the weight of their own egos that had become too big to be put aside.

Sound familiar?

It should. The 76ers were the spitting image of the 2018-19 Boston Celtics. The only difference is the Sixers had a fatal flaw from the beginning; the blatant lack of shooting was a death sentence anyone in that organization should have seen coming from a mile away. The Celtics on the other hand had no such problem. In terms of skillsets, they were assembled flawlessly (which probably makes it worse but at least they made it out of the first round).

The only thing I feel bad about (slightly) is that Al Horford had to endure both of these toxic locker rooms. I can’t imagine he remembers what it’s like to enjoy playing basketball anymore.

However, the Boston Celtics are fortunate enough to have the management to right the ship, I can’t see myself saying the same for the 76ers come this time next year.

Either way, the Celtics’ sweep of the Sixers allowed them to watch another team roll over as their season mercifully came to an end and see right in front of their eyes just how far they have come in only one season.

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