Brett Brown and Elton Brand keeping winning for Boston

The Celtics went out in Game 2 and beat the 76ers by a landslide, then still managed to win Game 3 despite Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown going 12-35 from the field. Other than Joel Embiid, the Sixers look like a bunch of lost puppies. However, no matter how bad the players may have played, the saddest puppy of all is none other than Brett Brown.

Brad Stevens makes Brown look like an absolute fool out there. Al Horford’s sister even tweeted saying how much better the Sixers would be if Stevens could coach them for a couple plays. (Her tweets are private now for some reason, or else I would have linked it above.)

Brown has Embiid working in the first, and after that, the whole game plan seems to shift. It was much more noticeable in Game 1, but something definitely changed after the first quarter in Game 2 as well.

The Celtics looked more energized, more determined, and just more talented than the 76ers. What’s even more impressive is that Boston was without Gordon Hayward. A lot of people thought that would be Philadelphia’s opportunity to stage a comeback in the series, but game two ended up being even worse for them.

Once Embiid went to the bench at the end of the game, you could see how physically and mentally fed up he was with his team. It was painfully obvious. The worst part? I can’t really blame him. He’s been arguably the best center in the NBA for the past two or three years and Philly can’t get out of the second round. Elton Brand has done a truly horrendous job of building around him.

The key to the Celtics’ success runs through… Daniel Theis?

Personally, I think Embiid would work best with him and a bunch of shooters around him, so Ben Simmons isn’t a great fit next to him, despite Simmons being an amazing player in his own right. Despite this, I think they could work together, but only if the Sixers surrounded them with pure shooters. Instead, Brand decided it was a good idea to give Al Horford a massive, long term contract.

Watching them play the Celtics was just sad. The long, lanky lineup that Philly was supposed to be great with just isn’t working. What’s worse is that no team will want to take on the Horford contract after how he’s been portrayed in the media this year. The problem is that Brand and Brown decided to throw him in a lineup where he doesn’t fit. 

He’s a center, not a power forward. He’s never been one of those guys to just sit on the three-point line and wait, which is what Philly needs. Horford has played center his whole career, and made defensive teams doing so. It was just a very bad signing by Philadelphia.

My point with all this is, in connection to the Celtics, is that I think I might feel a sweep coming on. Don’t get me wrong, I would not be surprised (or worried) if the Sixers managed to take a game or two, but it doesn’t look promising right now.

If the Celtics get the sweep, or even win in five, the big question on everyone’s mind has to be – what’s next for Philly? Does Brett Brown get the boot? Does Embiid want out? Do they blow up the core?

Enes Kanter Should be Playing more against the Sixers

The way I see it, if the Sixers lose this series in four, or maybe even five, Embiid is going to give Brand an ultimatum. Either fire Brown and make the necessary moves to build around him, or trade him somewhere else.

If you’re sitting there asking yourself what this has to do with the Celtics, let me tell you. First of all, from what I just stated, the Celtics have the power to blow up a Sixers team that has been one of their biggest rivals for the past few years. Second of all, I think the internal issues with their roster means Boston has a good chance to sweep the series. Then last of all, I just think it’s fun to talk about how dysfunctional and terrible the Sixers organization is. 

Brett Brown needs to go. Al Horford deserves better. Bring back Sam Hinkie. Joel Embiid needs to get the hell out of Philadelphia. Boston in four.

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