Enes Kanter Should be Playing more against the Sixers

Enes Kanter Should be Playing more

The Celtics’ best chance to stop Joel Embiid is… Enes Kanter.

Saying Enes Kanter should be getting more minutes because of his defensive prowess are words I never thought would leave my mouth, but its 2020 and I guess anything can happen.

Brad Stevens opted to go with a split between Daniel Theis and Robert Williams to defend Joel Embiid, with Enes Kanter trailing the both of them in playing time. However, after Robert Williams’ numerous mental lapses, Enes Kanter should be playing more than him.

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If there was a (realistic) matchup made for Enes Kanter’s defensive ineptitude, it would be this one. Embiid is a relatively slow-moving big man without an effective outside shot.

That, coupled with the fact Philly cannot, for the life of them, run a pick and roll offense is perfect. This is the best news of all because the image of Enes Kanter trying to defend a pick and roll will haunt my dreams for the rest of my life.

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Joel Embiid is the only legitimate threat on the offensive end the Sixers have, and every Celtic on the floor knows that. This being the case, Brad Stevens has decided to send help from the perimeter with absolutely zero fear the Sixers will ever hit a three.

Out of the three options the Celtics have,  Kanter is the heaviest at 250 pounds as well as the tallest at 6’10.

At 7’0, 280 pounds, Embiid is not going to be stopped but Kanter is Boston’s best chance at tiring him out (not necessarily a tough task given his level conditioning).

Even with the absence of Gordon Hayward, the Celtics should win this series without a problem.

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