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Celtics Post Game: Players react to controversial no-calls on Giannis Antetokunmpo

Celtics Post Game

Boston players handled a controversial loss to the Bucks very differently in Celtics post game interviews.

The Celtics were down just two points with 2:30 left in the game when Giannis fouled out the first time. The refs proceeded to follow up what should have been Antetokounmpo’s 6th foul with something I personally did not know was allowed – stopping play to review a “hostile act”, deciding they couldn’t find any evidence of it, then pretending the whole play never happened.

It seems like in an effort to keep Giannis in the game at all costs the NBA has resorted to making up new rules entirely.

Marcus Smart did not shy away from the subject in his post-game interview:

Marcus Smart speaks for Celtics fans everywhere with this reaction. All things considered, Smart was able to keep it together much better than I could have expected. After all, that reversed charge call he’s referencing could have been Giannis’ 7th personal foul.

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Brad Stevens, on the other hand, handled the situation much differently:

Putting aside the fact that this explanation makes little to no sense for a moment, Boston fans should feel privileged to have a coach who can mask his utter rage so eloquently.

Regardless of what was said in the Celtics post-game interviews, Boston has reason to feel encouraged.

Kemba Walker looked healthy, scoring 16 points in just 19 minutes and said he felt great afterward.

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Plus, maybe if Tatum didn’t have the worst game of his professional career or the Celtics didn’t start the game down 17-2 they would have won.

I know there is no place for moral victories in the NBA but Boston should be confident when they have to play the Bucks again in the playoffs.


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