Celtics playoff odds: Where Boston stands before NBA bubble play begins

celtics playoff odds

Celtics playoff odds vs. NBA’s top contenders

With two weeks to go before NBA teams begin their exhibition schedule inside the Orlando bubble, basketball and Celtics fans alike can begin to taste the sweet nectar of NBA hoops. Along with the enjoyment of watching Jayson Tatum Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart do their thing on the court again, sports betting is set to return to our lives as well.

So with that, we wanted to take a look at the Celtics playoff odds to see where Vegas stacks them up against the league’s top contenders. There may be some value behind some of these odds, so you can thank us when they pay off later on.

To win the NBA Finals (+2500)

The Celtics find themselves tied for the sixth-best odds to win the title behind the Bucks (+240), Lakers (+260), Clippers (+320), Rockets (+1300) and Raptors (+2000). The Nuggets (+2500) are tied with Boston. This would place them with the third-best odds in the Eastern Conference.

The Bucks, Lakers and Clippers are clear favorites for the title and to be honest, that’s fair. They’re the top three teams in the league in terms of net rating and arguably four of the best players on earth lead their rosters.


The Rockets are an understandable wild card given their full pivot to small-ball, but it’s difficult to see the Raptors having significantly better odds than the Celtics. Yes, Toronto had a spectacular regular season dealing with injuries to their best players throughout the year, but Boston is built significantly better for the postseason and has the versatile shot-makers the Raptors simply don’t.

Following Boston and Denver, the Heat (+2700) Sixers (+2700) and Jazz (+3300) round out the top 10.

To win the Eastern Conference (+700)

Of all the Celtics playoff odds, this one is probably the best to put your money on.

Milwaukee is the runaway favorite to come out of the East this year (-165), followed by the Celtics and Raptors, who are both listed at +700. It’s interesting how the Celtics have worse odds to win the Finals than Toronto but have the same to make it out of the East. The Raptors may have gotten a slight bump due to their championship experience.

Rounding out the top five are the Sixers (+750) and Heat (+1000). There’s definitely value in betting the Celtics or Raptors to come out of the East, given how heavily favorited Milwaukee is. Out of the two, the Celtics are probably better equipped to take the Bucks down.

Most likely Finals matchup

The Celtics’ most likely Finals matchup happens to be their greatest historical rival in the Lakers. A Celtics-Lakers Finals has is going off at (+1900) and is the fifth-most-likely Finals pairing behind Lakers-Bucks (+300), Bucks-Clippers (+370), Bucks-Rockets (+1100) and Bucks-Nuggets (+1600).

The next most likely Finals matchup for the C’s is the Clippers (+2300) which comes in as the eight-most-likely scenario.

Marcus Smart

Not team-related, but worth sharing that Marcus Smart faces some seriously long odds to win two separate individual awards. He’s (+10,000) for the Defensive Player of the Year and Sixth Man of the Year awards.

Votes have yet to be cast for these awards, so there’s still time for Smart to make a late push.


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