Can Tremont Waters Fit with the Boston Celtics?

Tremont Waters is perhaps best known for ordering chicken wings and french fries at a Chinese restaurant but it’s what he can do on the court that will keep him around.

The Boston Celtics’ 51st overall pick, Tremont Waters is fighting for a roster spot and will most likely spend most of his time with the Maine Red Claws, but at 5’11”, 175 pounds Waters still deserved a shot in the NBA and may be a perfect fit with the Celtics.

Tremont Waters, while an excellent game managing point guard, has made a name for himself on the defensive end of the court.

Waters has traces of Avery Bradley in him, which can be a good and a bad thing.

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The good news is that Tremont Waters has what every Boston fan falls in love with – smothering defense. Waters is a pest, he gives ball handlers no room to breathe; that coupled with excellent instincts makes him great at pick pocketing opposing back courts.

The bad news is that he isn’t a prototypical Brad Stevens defender; he can be expected to defend the 1 and 2 position at a high level but nothing after that.

Waters was the shortest player in the draft and therefore has severe limitations on switches, he will hold his own better than most at his size, however, that’s not saying much.

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Tremont Waters will never be a 20 point-per-game player because it’s simply not his game.

While at LSU, Waters ran the pick and roll more often than not in a half court setting but what stuck out more than anything was his patients and passing ability. He waits for his teammates to get to their spots without getting flustered or forcing passes and hits bigs right where they can finish at the rim.

Waters flashed a respectable ability to finish around the rim, however, he might have a harder time slashing his way to the basket against bigger, stronger, and faster opponents.

When running the offense, Tremont Waters isn’t a score first point guard, he looks to put his teammates in the best position to succeed over anything else; his eyes are always on those around him rather than the net.

Despite being on the fringe of not making this Boston Celtics team, there is always a case for tenacious, hard working players who make those around them better to be in this league. Tremont Waters has a chance to be a great rotational player in the NBA and a fan favorite in Boston.

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