Anthony Davis is the difference between title contention and rebuild for the Boston Celtics.

Anthony Davis playing alongside Kyrie Irving in 2019 would automatically launch the Boston Celtics back to the favorite in the Eastern Conference, but what if that doesn’t happen? Would the Celtics still be able to compete for a title? How far back in their rebuild would it set Boston?

Certainly, not being able to bring in Anthony Davis would be painful, especially if he ends up with the Lakers or Knicks, but losing Kyrie Irving would arguably hurt more. Missing out on AD is losing something Boston never had in the first place, Kyrie on the other hand, would be a legitimate set back. Say what you want about him but Kyrie is a consensus top-3 point guard in the league.

Kyrie made a promise before the season started by announcing to the Celtics’ season ticket holders he intends to resign, but the “turbulent” season has put that promise in jeopardy of being broken. As all of us know by this point, the way this season went was unforeseeable, there is no way he could have known what was to come when he made that promise and it is simply not worth it for him or anyone for that matter to stick with a franchise that made him so miserable just for the sake of keeping his word.

That’s why something needs to change, and you can bet Kyrie Irving is going to be the driving force behind it.

If the Boston Celtics are not able to trade for Anthony Davis, they might be in a world of trouble for a few reasons:

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Kiss Title Contention Goodbye

Signing Anthony Davis is starting to look like the Boston Celtics’ last chance to convince Kyrie Irving things will be different this year.

Considering the Raptors are currently locked up 1-1 against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, it’s starting to look like Kawhi Leonard might consider staying in Toronto. That coupled with the emergence of the Milwaukee Bucks, the Celtics would find themselves too far behind the top teams in the Eastern Conference to compete.   

Multi-Year Setback

The rebuild Danny Ainge has taken the Boston Celtics franchise through has been as close to flawless as anyone could reasonably expect. He immediately acquired top draft picks and therefore young players filled with potential, won almost every trade he entered by a mile, and was able to steal Al Horford and Gordon Hayward from their teams via free agency.

However, it was the unforeseeable that spoiled the perfect ending to his brilliance – Gordon Hayward suffered a gruesome ankle injury five minutes into his Celtics career and the locker room fell apart because players couldn’t manage to get along.

There are worse things than being on par with an average NBA rebuild, but with the promise of another championship for Boston on the horizon, a multi-year setback will certainly leave fans with a sour taste in their mouths.   

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Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving is the biggest wild card for the Celtics this summer. Come July 1st we will have a better idea of where he stands when it comes to returning to the Celtics but as of now it doesn’t look like that’s something he’s dying to do.

The Boston Celtics will have to show real signs of improving to convince him to spend the next five years in green and considering how bad this year was, it’s going to have to be significant improvement.

That’s where Anthony Davis comes in.

Acquiring Davis not only gives the Celtics a top five player in the league but because the Celtics would have to trade for him, it would also free up the logjam of talent that devastated this season before it even started.

Wasted some of Al Horford’s Best Years

Perhaps worst of all is the Celtics wasted some of the best years of Al Horford’s career. Al turns 33 today so he is in the last couple years of being a star player on a championship team.

When Horford signed with the Boston Celtics, he, along with the rest of the NBA believed Boston was on the doorstep of a Championship or at least representing the East.

What’s even more disappointing is Al has been unbelievable during his time in Boston, he has been the most consistent all-around player for years.

Nothing in the NBA is guaranteed but Horford has more than followed through on his end of the bargain but it’s been the Celtics who haven’t followed through on their promise.    

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