Speculation around Kyrie Irving reached the point of the Clippers asking about a trade for the superstar point guard.

There have been two key instances this season where Kyrie Irving says something that could impact his decision in free agency this summer, and people have decided to latch on to one or the other.

Some will focus on a night before the regular season started, where Irving publicly committed to re-sign with the Celtics at the start of free agency.

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Knicks fans and literally any other fan who roots against the Celtics have latched on to the time when Irving responded to questions about his future with, “Ask me July 1.” Irving’s response most likely had to do with his frustration of rumors being leaked about him from a source other than him or his team. It was Rich Paul trying to get the Pelicans to trade Anthony Davis to the Lakers instead of waiting for the Celtics to be eligible to execute a deal.

That speculation got so out of hand that teams started to call the Celtics about possibly trading Irving instead of risking losing him for nothing in the summer. The LA Clippers were one of those teams according to Shams Charania of The Athletic.

The Clippers made a preliminary call to Boston on Irving prior to the Harris trade to Philadelphia, league sources said. A quick no was given.

Charania also mentions that Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens agreed to keep Boston’s roster in tact becuase they still believed it had the ability to win a championship. After a sweep of the Pacers and now a series against the Bucks, we’ll certainly find out if they were right not to make any significant changes.

But even if they were to make changes, Irving wasn’t going anywhere. You don’t discuss trading player’s of Irving’s caliber, and Ainge would most likely agree with that given how quickly he told the Clippers no.

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