New Orleans Pelicans general manager David Griffing opened up on his relationship with Danny Ainge and how it could affect Anthony Davis trade negotiations.

The Pelicans made a smart move by hiring former Cavaliers general manager David Griffin to lead the direction of their franchise and in the immediate future, handle trade discussions revolving around Anthony Davis.

Danny Ainge and the Boston Celtics are expected to be key players in those negotiations since they can field the best offer. In trade of this magnitude, the relationship between the main negotiators is important.

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Ainge and Kevin Mchale have a great relationship and that certainly helped the Kevin Garnett trade talks, while he and Cavs owner Dan Gilbert did not have the best rapport, which led to Cleveland holding up the Kyrie Irving trade for a solid week before sending it through for an additional second round pick.

Griffin was a guest on ESPN’s The Jump and talked about his relationship with Ainge, someone who has decimated the Nets, Sixers and Cavs in big trades in the past.

I think to some degree you’re mindful of what his tact is, right? You’re very mindful if you’re doing this, right? You’re very aware of what everyone’s tact is and the negotiating tactics and ploys that somebody might utilize. You’re going to be aware of that.

Danny’s not unique in that way, that he’s got a very specific style. What makes the situation with Danny unique is, we have the kind of relationship where we can really call each other on all that nonsense, and just sort of (say), ‘This is what it looks like.’ I think because we have that ability it makes any conversation we would have along the way a fruitful one.”

This may not matter when it’s all said and done, but it’s certainly better than if Pat Riley was the one deciding where Davis gets traded. Griffin is a professional and one of the more well-renowned executives in the league. If Ainge and Griffin already have a solid working relationship, there’s a good chance the trade talks are productive rather than what happened with the Lakers at the trade deadline.

We’ll have to wait until after the postseason for any of this to start to matter, so in the meantime enjoy the Celtics’ playoff run and stay tuned for more our coverage her on The Celtics Journal.

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