Calling all Boston Celtics fans! Welcome to The Celtics Journal, your place for news, analysis and opinion on the most storied franchise in the NBA.

Can’t get enough of the Celtics? You aren’t alone. We here at The Celtics Journal know there are a lot of places you can go to read about the C’s, but we plan to give you the content you want. 

Most sports blogs value quantity over quality, writing the click bait articles they know you’ll click on without any real analysis behind it. Not us, our plan is simple: Create the content you enjoy, with thoughtful analysis to go with it. 

This site is run by three guys who love the Celtics, which means we aren’t handcuffed by the demands of people who aren’t. We hope to make this a fun experience for everyone involved so we can afford to continue to bring optimal coverage to all Celtics fans out there. 

Welcome to The Celtics Journal. 

-The Founders

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